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How to Organize Great Hackathons

Get the study based on data from hackathons in Belgium :

  • 130 events
  • 50 examples
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More than 150 public hackathons have been organized in Belgium since 2011. Convidencia, experts in hackathons, analysed events based on data and experience from 130 events. They published their study for FREE !


What you get

In 85 pages, you get practical tips to help you concretely set up a hackathon :

  • Best time in the year to organize your event
  • Roles of the different organizers
  • Top 5 business models
  • Clear objectives for the event (a hackathon about what, for whom, how long, etc.) whether for organizers or participants
  • Ideal locations
  • Key details for a great event (good wifi, catering, showers, etc.)
  • Advice to find a name for your event
  • Top 10 common mistakes to avoid.


Get the results after months of research, investigation and analysis, and find all the information about these events gathered in this unique study :

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